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All about Dog poo wormeries!

You may be familiar with wormeries - but did you know that you can also get dog poo wormeries? It sounds like a brilliant idea - better for the environment and your garden will benefit too. Jill from Earth Essentials has kindly provided today's blog with a bit more info ...

Dog lovers know that possibly the biggest problem with owning a dog is how to get rid of the mess they make in the garden!
We are all aware of the every growing necessity for management of waste generally but the disposal of dog faeces has, up till now, been a very difficult and delicate matter. You are not supposed to throw dog faeces into the general household waste bin collected by the council, it is not nice to have an ever growing pile in the corner of the garden and we have to be very careful that children do not come into contact with it.
The Dog Poo Wormery is the answer to all these problems: Charles Darwin described the earthworm as the intestines of the Earth. This specially designed wormery allows you to safely, easily and effectively dispose of all dog faeces in the confines of your own garden without the usual problems.
The ideal is for a system of waste disposal that is environmentally friendly and offers a carbon footprint of ZERO!! By having a general domestic wormery in every home in the country, the savings on landfill will be considerable. 
The Dog Poo Wormery is easy to use, is where you need it when you need it, does not require much work and should not cause offence or problems to anyone - and best of all it does not smell! Really!!!!! When used properly you should not have any nasty smells or unpleasantness, just an excellent method of safely and easily disposing of this difficult problem.

The  Dog Poo Wormery is designed for ease of use as well as longevity, and comes with a voucher to supply the live worms to start your wormery. It is specially designed to maximize both the life of the worms and their capabilities to devour dog faeces and green waste; used properly this unit should last for many, many years.
Worms need a well-ventilated, secure, damp/moist (not wet) and spacious environment to thrive and your Earth-Essentials Dog Poo Wormery has been designed to maximize these specific requirements. The Earth-Essentials Dog Poo Wormery has been tried and tested to ensure that with proper feeding and management your worms will digest and convert your dog faeces into highly nutritious garden compost.

The wormeries come in 3 different sizes and you need to be sure you are getting the right size for the amount of 'food' you wish to feed the worms! The chart here will help, but if you prefer to speak to someone who knows all about the wormeries please do call 01794 513951.

Which Wormery is right for me?
                            120L                       240L                       1000L

Small Dog            3                              4                               15

Medium Dog       2                              3                               12

Large Dog            1                               2                                 8

Worms do not have teeth so food needs to have begun to decompose before they can ingest it. You may find that the worms take a while to start on fresh poo as they are not used to this food source.
The worms may seem slow eaters at first, this is because they will need time to settle, they will happily eat the feed, paper and bedding that you provided on their first day. Once this has all gone and they are happily settled you will find that they adapt to their new environment well and will devour most, if not all, that you give them.
The worms will be breeding all the while. As breeding produces more worms more poo will be eaten. The worms will gradually begin eating and you will begin to know the food levels that they can consume. Do not rush them - the slower the better! Worms will eat their bodyweight in 1-4 days so the quantity/weight of worms will directly relate to the amount that they will eat.

I had a few specific queries which Jill kindly answered ...

Q: Can I put other things in the wormery, or only dog poo?

A: You can put other biodegradable items into the wormery, just don't over feed the worms as this could kill them: just like looking after any other 'pet' they can only eat a certain amount and over feeding can disturb the natural ph balance which could cause problems.

Q: Can the end product be used anywhere? 

A: The Vermicast can be used on any areas where plants grow, but for safety reasons we always advise not to use where children are playing or where you grow food for human consumption - this is because you cannot guarantee that all the pathogens have been destroyed.
I do know dog owners who use a wormery and put the resulting castings on their garden for herbs and high growing food such as beans etc, however I personally would not like it around my lettuces which are eaten raw!

Q: Should I avoid putting dog poo in the wormery after worming my dog?

A: YES, definitely, you should allow about 48 - 72 hours after worming your dog before putting the faeces in the wormery, this is to allow the dog wormer to work its way through the dog. Dog wormer can kill the worms!

Q: Will the worms be affected by temperature extremes?

A:  Yes, the worms are like all creatures and do not survive being frozen or boiled! So keep them from freezing in the winter or getting too hot in the summer. When the wormery is well established the worms tend to find their own depths to keep away from inclement weather conditions but in the first year extra care might need to be taken. Usually just keeping the wormery in a sheltered position or in the back of a garage or shed if extreme conditions prevail usually will suffice.

Anything else please do ask ...

To order please call 01794 513951 

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