Thursday, 12 November 2015

Plenty to look at!

A lot of the leaves have fallen around here (most of them into my garden, I could swear) but there is a real beauty to trees when they are 'naked' too, just as much as when clothed in spring green leaves or the glorious autumnal show of colours we have been treated to this year. When it gets frostier and possibly snowy, and each bough, branch and twig is delicately outlined in white they become even more beautiful to look at. And looking more closely there is always something of interest - whether you are a fan of spiders or not, their webs are a thing of beauty as well as awesome construction. And after a dewy start to the day, making a whole array gorgeous, glittering beaded decorations - who needs flowers?

And of course, your dogs will be the ultimate decorative touch, 
the perfect enhancement for any garden!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Spot the poo

Here's a fun new game to play along the lines of 'Where's Wally?'
It's called 'Spot the Poo'.
It's also an object lesson in picking up the poo the moment you see your dog doing it - because you can bet that the moment you take yours eyes off it for a second at this time of year (as I did because I had to go fetch some baggies from indoors - normally all the pockets in all my clothes are stuffed with them, but naturally, on this occasion I'd run out) it will perfectly camouflage itself amongst the fallen leaves.
And if I fail to find it, then you can also bet that as I potter about tidying up the beds ready for winter, I will of course step straight in it.