Friday, 1 April 2016

Spring has sprung!

Well, although the weather has been odd this last winter,
things seem to finally be settling into a mild Spring-like mode ...
for the moment anyway! 
The broad beans I've sown in pots while I get a bed sorted out for them
are popping up - much to Angel's delight. I shall have to keep a watchful
eye on her while she's outside in case she has a nibble ...
She has already uprooted a couple of potted violas that she has been munching on ... 
In the front garden the pond is full of frog spawn, and
Nigel the goldfish has taken up sunbathing while the solar powered
fountain is working happily, in spite of being left out all winter.
The surest sign of all though, is that Archie and Angel
are both happy to mooch around the garden in the nuddy!

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