Friday, 30 January 2015

Slippery stuff

More snow - and I hope you are all coping with the white stuff ... Even where there is only a light covering, do be careful about icy patches which can be just as treacherous - in some ways more so, because so often it is unexpected. I nearly went flying the other day when I put my foot on a slick spot on an otherwise dry and clear looking patio while emptying Archie and Angel's poo dustbin. The peril doesn't just extend to people but your dogs too - Archie skidded across exactly the same spot as he came flying at full pelt back into the house from the garden. DON'T however, put salt and other ice-melting substances down as they can be harmful to your pets - both to their skin and if they ingest it when licking their paws later. Simply exercise a bit of caution and encourage your pets to do the same!
If you walk your dog along pavements, consider washing your dogs paws when you return home to remove any such substances, or splashes of spilt anti-freeze which they may have stepped in.

Update on the dog poo wormery - it has arrived (thank you Jill!) and will be posted here next week. I'm definitely going to save up for one - it sounds like such a good idea. But more about it all next Friday - in the meantime wrap up warm! 

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