Saturday, 10 January 2015

We're back!

An orgy of present-unwrapping ...
Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year!
Archie and Angel were thrilled by all the turkey and probably had more presents than anybody else. It's nice to get back to normal though and to start planning for the gardening year ahead - although it is mainly planning at the moment as the weather isn't really on my side at the moment. Either the ground has been frozen solid, or the rain has kept me from catching up on work on the allotment ... this morning I took advantage of a dry moment to go and dig some leeks. I had only just finished when torrential rain appeared out of nowhere and by the time I reached the car I was quite literally wet to the knickers. The leek and potato soup (with extra garlic) was welcome for lunch though ...
Sensibly staying in the warm and and dry


One of my other chores this morning - before the rain set in - was to empty the poo bin. I keep a mini metal dustbin with a close fitting lid into which I pop Archie and Angel's poo (suitably wrapped in biodegradable bags), and empty it every couple of days into the council poop bin nearby.  I've written about various methods of poo disposal in my book, and have been thinking for some time about saving up to buy one of the dog poo wormeries as being a more eco-friendly idea than the council poo bin. 

Dog Poo Wormeries has kindly agreed to write a blog post here explaining a bit more about it - watch this space! As well as clicking on the link, you can also find them on Facebook as Dog Poo Wormery.

Click HERE for info

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