Thursday, 26 February 2015

Spring is in the air!

Spring is definitely in the air!

How can I tell?

Well, it's not just that it's lighter until later in the afternoon - and light enough that when we go out into the garden at 6.30 am I don't need to take a torch with me any more in order to see to pick up the poop ... or that the snowdrops have finally deigned to put in an appearance ... or that the crocuses are in full bloom ... or that the daffodils buds are about to burst forth ... or even that I can watch the birds sitting happily sunning themselves in the tree at the end of the garden in the early morning rays ...

No, I can tell because for the first time in months Archie has finally decided that it is warm enough to shed his winter jumpers and frolic around in the garden naked!

Look! No jumper!
Posing in the garden for a book photo shoot last week.

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