Friday, 7 February 2014


Checking on the parsley

Archie - and Angel especially - love to munch on parsley. In the summer I grow a big pot of it outside in the garden along with a mix other other herbs and grasses which they can help themselves to - a kind of doggy salad bar. In the winter I grow a regular supply of parsley on the kitchen windowsill instead which they can graze on as and when they feel like it.

At this point, purists had better look away ...

Shame it's such an untidy plant ...

Angel also adores cleavers, so having found a patch recently while out on a walk I gathered a small tuft up and brought it home and planted it. A month later it has flowered and set seeds ready for me to collect and start off a whole new batch. I had also collected a few seeds and they have shot up - although I'm keeping them out of Angel's reach at the moment until they have also flowered and produced seeds for me to collect.
Doing nicely!

As well as providing a small supply indoors for Angel to nibble on I'm planning on adding the seeds to the outdoor salad bar. Although it's impossible to prevent them from doing a bit of sampling of herbage while out on walks, I'm hoping they will do the bulk of their grazing at home where I know the plants are untouched by any chemical contaminants.

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