Friday, 21 February 2014

Blooming marvellous

Crocuses in the lawn

It has been such a horrendous winter for so many people - flooding, power cuts and storms have made life a misery for such a huge number. We had a glorious day of sunshine last Sunday, and it was such a lovely respite from the dreadful weather we've been having. The dogs pottered happily round the garden - warm enough for them to be out there without their coats on - while I did a bit of work out there. The snowdrops have finally appeared, while the yellow crocuses I planted last year are now studding the front lawn - apart from the tiny corner of it that is under water. Silvery pussy willow adorns the willow tree, and the frogs are limbering up in the pond ...
Yep. Definitely crocuses!

Out on our walks there are other signs of Spring appearing too. Although many of you are still dealing with flooding and its aftermath, hopefully the worst is behind us now and you will at least be able to look forward to getting back to normal in the near future.

And a surprise in the garden - two Alpine strawberries!
One each for Archie and Angel of course!

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