Friday, 28 February 2014

Lock up your darlings

Suffering any type of theft or burglary is horrible - but when it's your dog it's even worse, and is heartbreaking. Sadly, dog theft appears to be on the increase, with statistics suggesting that it's up by 20% with one database recording 3500 thefts last year.
Some are ransomed, some stolen to order, others used for breeding in puppy farms. Most sickeningly of all some are stolen to use in dog fighting as live 'bait'. Many are never reunited with their owners - of those dogs which are stolen, statistics are again alarming, reporting that nearly half are still missing after 12 months. Dogs are often targeted by thieves, and there have been reports of marks being left outside houses indicating where dogs live: as well as being stolen from houses they have also been snatched from owners while out walking, stolen from cars and when left tied outside shops. And worryingly, also from gardens - it is not enough to ensure that your garden fencing is secure enough to keep your dog in - you also need to take measures to keep thieves out, and that is considerably more difficult.
The best way of keeping your pet safe in your garden is never to leave him out there unattended: even if he is just going out for a quick pee, go with him and keep an eye on him.
It is truly sad that things have come to such a pass.

Here are some links with further information and advice on keeping your pet safe which you may find helpful:

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