Friday, 31 January 2014

Getting set for summer

Yes, we're quite comfortable, thank you.
It's raining yet again - it seems as though it will never stop. Archie and Angel went out for a run earlier and got soaked. Having come back home and been towelled off and fed, they got themselves cosily snuggled under a couple of fleeces and have been there ever since, studiously ignoring all my suggestions that they might like to take a turn around the garden to have a wee.
I think they probably have the right idea, and if it's too wet to get on with anything outdoors, there is still plenty you can do inside in the warm and dry. I've worked out what veggies will be going in which beds in the allotment this year, have sorted out those seeds which are in packets so I don't end up buying duplicates, and made a start on sorting out the loose ones which I harvested last year.
Waiting to be filled!

Rather than putting them in paper envelopes I've been saving up old herb bottles and containers - the sort you buy in supermarkets. The ones with little holes in the tops are ideal for scattering the finer seeds, and you don't end up with the problem of them getting stuck in the corners of envelopes either. And they are just as easy to label - just stick an address label on.
Got any tips of your own to share?

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