Thursday, 9 January 2014

Saving the lawn

It has been so wet recently that the ground is waterlogged and squelches as you walk across it. That is of course, if you are one of the lucky ones who isn't actually suffering from flooding or clearing up after the effects of it - my sympathies if you are, and a soggy lawn is probably the least of your worries.

Sustained periods of wet weather at any time of year means that lawns are going to be more susceptible to damage from your dog if he is the active sort: it doesn't take long for that patch of green to turn into a muddy brown bog which it may struggle to recover from.
The obvious way to minimise the damage is of course, by taking your dog out for walks in areas where he can free run and let off steam. It's not always easy at this time of year though, when daylight hours are still very short and it may not be possible to allow your dog to run safely off leash in the dark before or after work. You could try hiring the services of a dogwalker to ensure your pet gets some exercise during the day - or alternatively, be ingenious and encourage your dog to exercise a little more gently when in the garden. You can do this by setting up a treasure trail for him to follow, hiding treats, doing some training, and providing various problem solving activities and toys - these will all engage his brain as well as his body while protecting your lawn. In the weeks to come I'll be writing about these in a bit more detail.
As well as preserving your lawn, taking things a bit more gently will reduce the likelihood of injury to your dog too, as wet ground will also be slippery, increasing the likelihood of him straining or twisting something running around in a confined space. At the weekends, you can then catch up on a bit of free-running exercise - although remember that your dog may not be very fit, so be careful that he doesn't overdo things.

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