Friday, 24 January 2014

When it's wet ...

It's been raining a lot lately. You may have noticed ...
And when it's wet, some dogs may lose their housetraining; it's not that they have forgotten where they should be emptying bowels and bladders, so much as that they simply don't want to go out into the wet and cold to do it. I can't say I blame them - it can't be much fun.

Not very nice going out when it's snowing either!
Dogs with plenty of covering will probably be fine, but those with fine, single coats and low body fat which feel the effects of being cold and wet more, will often hang on for as long as possible - and when they can wait no longer and really need to go, will go indoors instead. If pushed out the door into the garden, some will simply come straight back in and then get on with relieving themselves. My two are very good about always asking when they need to go out, but when the weather is really bad they are often so appalled at the thought of spending any time at all out in it that I have met the front end coming back in as the back end is still going out.
So be nice. Put a jacket on your pet - it can make
a big difference to your dog's willingness to go out in the garden and do what he has to do. If you have a small dog, a garden table moved onto the lawn can be a refuge from the rain where he can do the necessary - one of the sort with legs set at the outside so he can get underneath it.
And don't just shove him outside on his own, but actually go out with him (bet you put a coat on too - so maybe you're dog isn't being so wussy after all) so you can check that he really has done what he was supposed to. If necessary, put a leash on him so he can't just hang around the back door demanding to be allowed back in. It does help if you have taught a command to wee, as your dog will know exactly what you want him to do, will get on with it and you can both get back indoors again more quickly. And once he has gone, praise him and offer a reward. Make it as pleasant and worthwhile as possible for him to brave going out!
Okay, we're all done - now let us in!

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