Friday, 6 June 2014

The Strawberry Thief

No, not the famous William Morris design.
More like an opportunistic whippet!
It's usually Angel who never passes the alpine strawberries without a thorough check for berries, but this time I actually had the camera, and managed to catch Archie in action!
A good rummage around to check ..

At the moment, the birds are just as greedy, emptying the feeders almost as quickly as I can fill them. It is of course, a busy time of year for them, bringing up their young, and any help you can provide by way of food is good. Do check carefully when buying seed mixes though and make sure you don't select one with dried fruit in it - remember that currants and raisins can be fatal for your dog if he hoovers up any that fall to the ground.
If your hedges, like mine, are looking a bit untidy at the moment, try and grit your teeth and live with it in case you have any birds nesting in there. There will be plenty of time later in the year to tidy things up once all the youngsters have flown the nest!

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