Friday, 20 June 2014

Brightening up the fence line

I took my Mum to the garden centre yesterday, so she could shop for some more bedding plants while I picked up some dog food at the same time from the attached pet store.  
As well as filling up her trolley with plants, she also acquired this dragonfly - another piece of wall art to add to her growing collection. If you don't (or can't) have climbing plants, wall art can be a great way of adding interest to your garden and will look good all year round.

This is another piece of wall art which Mum has had for several years now - she loves having a bee as it was her nickname at school.

Some wall art can also incorporate plants.
This wall planter is decorative all year round and in summer
bursts into bloom.
Because it was slightly damaged, Mum was able to buy it very cheaply too!

Not all fences are suitable for hanging wall art, or are sturdy enough to support the weight of flower containers. We found a solution by using the stakes and hooks of a freestanding bird-feeding station to help support this flying pig. (And yes, I know, these nut and fat ball containers need refilling!)

And of course, it is all out of the way of the dogs ... 

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