Thursday, 12 June 2014

Great days out

Coombe Trenchard Home & Garden Show
Here there be dragons ...
 There are some great dog friendly places to visit to help give you inspiration for your garden - or simply to enjoy a relaxing day out. Coombe Trenchard recently hosted Home & Garden Show, but if you missed it you can find out more about visiting and other forthcoming events which your dog will be welcomed at HERE. Stowe Landscape Gardens are another favourite of mine, perfect for a long walk, a bit of exploring and a picnic - and although not gardens as such, I also regularly visit Chiltern Open Air Museum, which has a variety of historic buildings on site.  You can find out more about it and the events which are running throughout the summer HERE. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteer gardeners, the cottage gardens are lovely at the moment, and there is even a small enclosure by the side of the Iron Age house growing different kinds of ancient wheat such as Spelt and Emer. Outside Maidenhead Pavilion you will also find a small stall selling plants - I've had some great bargains from it already, including some primroses earlier this year, a couple of heuchera and some geraniums to start the replanting in my Mum's depleted garden border. If you visit and spot me with the wippitties (we are there most weekends) do come and say hello - unless you are accompanied by your own dog, in which case please don't be offended if we give you a wide berth, as Archie and Angel are terrified of other canines. They'll be the ones wearing yellow ribbons - you can find out more about why and the Yellow Dog Project HERE.
Many garden centres are also dog-friendly if you are out buying plants, although it would be wise to check before you set off: leaving your dog in the car isn't a good idea at any time of the year and especially not in warm weather. Even on overcast days, it can still become dangerously hot inside, even with the windows cracked open and parked in the shade. Remember too, that you will need to leave space for your dog as well as any new plants you buy, to travel home again ...

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