Friday, 28 March 2014

Build it and they will come

Well, build it and the plants will hopefully survive!

Yes, the combination of Spring plus a bit of rain meant that I beat a hasty retreat to the shed to finish the project I've had in hand over the winter - a new cold frame to replace the one which finally fell apart last year and was beyond repairs.

Not expertly crafted, but functional!
I did think about buying a new one, but after looking at the prices of the ones I liked, decided to try building my own instead: possibly a foolish idea as I'm not terribly good at DIY. It took some time to get started as first I had to clear a space on the shed floor for construction to take place, and that took a while - like housework, it's easy to find other, more interesting things to do instead. 
Finally I couldn't put it off any longer, and I found handy step by step instructions for making a cold frame in Geoff Hamilton's Practical Gardening Course. It looked fairly straightforward, so I assembled all the bits and pieces - some new, some old and recycled, and can now finally announce that yes, it is pretty easy to do, and cost half of what something similar would have been to buy.
If I can make it, anyone can - and probably much better.
But next time it will be easier, and now I know how cheap gravel boards are to buy, will probably be even cheaper too.

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