Thursday, 3 April 2014

Here's one I made earlier

Here's the heather bank in all its former glory ...

... and here it is looking rather sad and neglected

As I may have mentioned some time ago in this blog, one of my goals this year is to revamp the garden a bit, making it a bit lower-maintenance so I have more time to spend on the allotment, and creating more space for Archie and Angel to scamper around in. The heather bank at the end of the garden was looking rather sorry for itself, having become somewhat overgrown, and the ancient heathers were leggy and past their best. I decided it was time for it to go - the frogs were the only ones who appreciated it. Although I felt guilty about removing a habitat where they could often be found lurking, I have replanted new heathers along the edge of the fence - and there is a pond and wildlife area in the front garden. As the frog population seems to have increased there recently, I'm hoping they have simply relocated.

I didn't want to lose the bank that the heathers were growing on completely, just to reduce its size and make it possible to push the mower around behind it, but I was a bit stumped about what to do with it otherwise. I did toy with the idea of covering it with artificial grass, but preferred the idea of something living. While pondering on it, I noticed there was quite a lot of moss in the lawn: I'm not a lawn purist and I rather like moss - you won't catch me raking it out.  It feels glorious to stand on in bare feet, has a wonderful cushiony quality that grass lacks, and of course, is very low maintenance - unlike grass it doesn't need mowing. So I don't object to its presence at all.

And here's the transformation to a mossy bank.
Well, it will be eventually.
(Archie apologises for still being in his pj's, but it was a chilly morning
when I took the photo!)
And then it struck me - rather than planting the bank with plants which would need maintaining and might object to whippets jumping on and off it, why not try creating a mossy bank instead? I love seeing the soft contours it creates as it takes over tumbled logs and stones out on our woodland walks, and am hoping that I can create something similar here, on a small scale.
Watch this space, as they say.
In the meantime, if you want to know more about creating your own mossy spot - you can make a miniature moss garden in a pot if you don't want it anywhere else - here's a link which will tell you all you need to know:

Click HERE for link

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