Thursday, 20 March 2014

Buzzzzz .......

All of a sudden, things are starting to happen in the 
garden - and insects are beginning to buzz busily around. I've seen a lot of ladybirds, and some of the most enormous bees.

Although wasps can be an asset to the garden  I prefer to discourage them as Archie has had several run-ins with them in the past, requiring emergency dashes to the vet when his head swelled up to alarming proportions. He has also managed to stand on a bee while out on a walk too, so nowadays I keep both antihistamines and the homeopathic remedy Apis mel close to hand during the summer months.

The arrival of insects means that it's time for the Waspinator to go up before any wasps start prospecting for accomodation: we had a nest a few years ago but since I've been using these, it seems to have encouraged them to go and look elsewhere. Medieval technology at it's best! You can find out more about them at 

What else has been happening in the garden? Well I found this lovely decorative trellis to ornament the side of the garden shed during those months of the year that the clematis is dormant ... and I'm glad that I took the decision to paint the shed last year too. It has been a nice splash of colour during the winter months, and the stripes remind me of the beach huts at Seasalter and Whitstable in Kent where I spent some of my childhood.

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