Friday, 3 July 2015

When it's too hot ...

I'm not really a hot weather person: I much prefer cooler Spring and Autumn to boiling summer months. And so much time is spent dashing around watering when I'd rather be doing other things ... on the plus side, I have been enjoying the first cherries, and the alpine strawberries have never been so productive (to the joy of Archie and Angel) ... and the grass isn't growing quite so fast in this weather, so at least there is less mowing to keep up with.

There are other pleasures as well in the dog-friendly gardening, top of the list of which in this current heatwave, is doggy icecream. It's easy enough to make - simply add mashed banana to some low fat yogurt, spoon it into a couple of mini yogurt pots and pop them in the freezer. When they're frozen, simply turn out of the yogurt pots and serve! If you want to make them last longer, try putting it into a Kong instead and freezing it - block the small hole first with a dab of cream cheese or peanut butter to stop the filling leaking out before it has frozen.

Getting your tongue right down to the end takes concentration ...

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