Thursday, 28 May 2015

First of the season!

Not the first strawberries, but the first time this year that there 
has been more than one ripe one - which is quite hard
to divide between three!

Forget sugar and cream.
Best eaten freshly picked straight from the plants ...

It is well worth growing a few alpine strawberries - they'll grow in a pot, 
in hanging baskets, in crevices in the patio even, and they are hugely rewarding. 
They go on cropping month after month - right into November last year
in their sheltered spot by the back door.
And a handful is perfect for breakfast, scattered over cereal or with some yogurt
- as well as being a handy treat I can give the dogs while out in the garden.
I just have to keep an eye on them that they
don't sneak over and stuff themselves and give themselves upset tums.

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