Friday, 22 May 2015

A new toy

Archie found a new toy in the garden the other day,
and pounced on it with glee.

It wasn't really a toy - it was the Waspinator, which had blown down during the night.
It hadn't even been particularly windy, but nevertheless the fabric loop 
it was tied by had torn off.
It is my one complaint about them - they seem to do a good job of discouraging wasps from setting up home, and are perfect when you are trying to be as chemical-free as possible, both for the benefit of wildlife and safety of the dogs.
But they are ridiculously fragile - they never last a whole season and tear as soon as you so much as breathe on them. Okay so you can buy two for a tenner - but when you have to keep on spending a tenner each and every year, it starts to become irksome. And having to get the long ladder out to hang it up is a pain too, when you have other garden tasks planned. 
Would it really be so difficult to produce a more robust version?
Come on, Waspinator, we're sure you could do it!

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