Thursday, 3 July 2014

The perfect plant for lazy gardeners

Just starting to bloom ...

This picture really doesn't do the plant justice.
I love seeing the sempervivums blooming - the delicate little clusters of  star-like
flowers growing on the ends of triffid-like stalks are a real delight.
But even when they aren't in flower, the foliage is still lovely all the year round.
Even the common names are wonderful - the Latin name means 'live forever' but they are also known as hen and chicks and houseleeks - the latter due to the traditional practice of
      growing them on roofs to ward off lightning strikes.
They are easy to keep and pretty hardy and even thrive on neglect - they don't need lavishing with lots of water and feeding - quite the reverse in fact. They like dry conditions and only moderate watering so are the perfect plant for lazy gardeners. As they are pet friendly, they are perfect for doggy gardens too!
If you have a sunny spot on a rockery they will love it, but if not, or if your soil tends to be wet and cloggy, try them in a tub - or even a small pot will do if you are stuck for space. Fill it with compost to which 25% horticultural grit has been added, as good drainage is important. Add your sempervivums, plus a bit more grit on the surface to further aid drainage, place in a sunny spot and enjoy!

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