Friday, 18 July 2014

Cool stuff to do in the garden

Lots of us had spectacular lightning storms last night: there has even been a
bit of much-needed rain - it's just started again as I type this. I shall be glad to be able to skip a lot of the watering today - although the hanging baskets and pots will still need to be checked as foliage, blooms and a close proximity to walls can all mean that they don't get as much to drink when it rains as you might think they would.
The hot weather is not yet at an end however, according to the weather forecasters - there's still more to come.

With warm weather, apart from watering, it's time to think of cool things to do in the garden ...
one of Archie and Angel's favourite pastimes is to take a Kong out there.
Pack the tiny hole at the bottom with a dab of cream cheese or peanut butter,
pour a bit of low or non-fat fruit yogurt in through the big hole
(it helps if you first stand it upright in an old small yogurt carton so it doesn't
all slosh out) and pop it in the freezer until it's solid. I sometimes also add small pieces of fruit and bits of
biscuit to the yogurt to make it a bit more exciting.
Run it briefly under a running tap before giving it to your dog so
there is no danger of tongues getting stuck to it ... and the garden really is the best place
to enjoy this treat, as it can be a bit messy. 
But it gives a lot of fun, and lasts much longer than a Cornetto does for me! 

Angel likes to pin hers down with a paw and then gets stuck into it.
Archie likes to take his somewhere private ...

... and then gets up to all sorts of manouevres trying to find the best way of
getting the very last bit out of the end ! 

How does your dog eat his?

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