Thursday, 19 March 2015

Out with the old and on with the new!

This has been one of the most comfortable pairs of boots I've had for ages - easy to pull on and kick off at the door, just as nice to walk the dogs in or on the yard, and equally at home on the allotment. My boots have to multi-function, so get a pretty tough life.
Alas, after a year they are no longer in good shape: I have run out of cycle puncture repair patches and the time has finally come to throw them out.
I went off to my usual shop - an equestrian outfit - and as usual when I go to replace my boots, they no longer stocked any of this model. I knew I should have bought two pairs ...

I ended up buying two new pairs, although different: a pair of lace-ups with thermal linings and room for extra socks during cold weather, and a pair of Joules half wellies. The latter were really a bit of an impulse buy, but I just loved the rabbits - or possibly hares -  on them.

So now that I once again have warm, dry feet there is no excuse for not cracking on at the allotment - although it would be nice if I could take Archie and Angel there with me. There is a ban on dogs on our site, and I have been looking at the photos posted on Facebook by a fellow allotmenteer who loves in a different area with a more enlightened parish council, with envy. She has half a dozen whippets who snuggle into beds and sunbathe while she works.  Whereas I feel guilty having to leave my guys at home instead of letting them join in the fun with me ...

Don't forget it's the solar eclipse this morning - I'm told it starts at 8.45am, peaking at 9.31 am and finishing at 10.41 am ... 

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