Friday, 3 October 2014

Late bloomers

Checking out the self-seeded nasturtium
Snapdragons looking good:
the geraniums didn't quite
make it into the shot ...

As I write this, the weather is lovely and mild and we've all 

Snapdragons coming back for more ...
been enjoying a bit of pottering - and in the case of Archie and Angel, snatching a bit of sunbathing - in the garden.  I'm glad I wasn't overscrupulous about tidying up the beds while weeding a few weeks ago, since as well as the seasonally appropriate bloomers like the Sedum, there has been a burst of flowering as plants make the most of the weather too. Second helpings are always nice as well as value for money!


... and this geum ...

and the Sedum is supposed to be flowering now!

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