Friday, 8 August 2014

Thinking about it ...

Although there are many websites with lists of plants which are dog-friendly and those which are toxic, the best I have found at the moment is the one on the ASPCA website. Mainly because it actually has photographs of a lot of the plants, which is helpful in identification.
The trouble is that it is far from perfect - as are some of the other non-illustrated lists - because there is confusion over many of the names and some are wrongly identified. So I was thinking about creating a website myself, with photographs and hopefully, slightly more reliable identifications. What do you think? Would you find it a helpful resource?
If I go ahead and do it, it will be during the winter when I am less busy with the garden and allotment!

In the meantime, here's a quick and easy way to provide a bit of fun and entertainment for your dog out in the garden (or indoors if it's rainy!) while you are busy weeding, hoeing or simply relaxing.  Simply place a treat inside the cardboard centre of a toilet roll, fold it up tightly and give to your dog!

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