Friday, 9 May 2014

Nice weather for snails

We'd all rather got used to the recent warm, dry and sunny spell. Yesterday it turned overcast and wet again: Archie and Angel were back in raincoats for their walk in drenching rain and are mooching around in their favourite indoors sunbathing spot in the hope of a few passing rays, rather than enjoying being out in the garden. Although temperatures are fairly warm, it feels quite chilly especially when the breeze picks up, so I'm glad that I've resisted the temptation to put out tender bedding plants just yet.
                                                       It's good news for the snails though - they have been out in force - is there a collective noun for them? A slime of snails, a slither, or a munch maybe? They have discovered the new Lamium which I'd just planted out on my Mum's side of the garden and have nearly decimated it. Never having shown much interest in these plants before it is annoying to discover that like humans, their tastes can apparently change.  As I garden organically, for the sake of the wildlife as well as my dogs, one of the daily tasks is to gather up these unwelcome molluscs and dispose of them. Being a tender-hearted gardener, this means relocating them elsewhere, to a piece of rough ground where I hope they manage to develop a taste for weeds instead ... Unless of course, anyone can suggest a humane method of disposal, especially in view of their potential for harm to pets.

As well as devouring plants, don't forget that slugs as well as snails, can pose a health hazard to your dog, as they can be carriers of lungworm parasites. Worryingly, it seems to be spreading from just a few areas to across the country: our own vet has even had to treat several dogs for this potentially life threatening problem. So poo pick diligently (out on walks as well as in the garden) and make sure you keep his worming schedule up to date - find out more about what is becoming a growing problem HERE  

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