Thursday, 19 December 2013

Catching up

As usual I seem to be behind with all the end-of-year chores. The patio was becoming a real problem though - each time it rained it became perilously slippery both for me and the dogs due to the build up of algae on it. With a spell of dry weather I decided it took priority over other tasks so grabbed the pressure washer and gave the slabs a quick blast. It has been a good purchase and not only does a great job, but is a lot quicker and less exhausting than scrubbing by hand which I used to do previously. It is an own-brand model from a local DIY store and has so far proved to be a good investment, both in terms of time and money - it was much cheaper than the equivalent more famous brand name products. If you don't want to buy your own, you can always hire one instead from local tool-hire centres - but make sure you keep your dog indoors while working as the spray sent out is pretty powerful and could injure your pet.

A quick job this time around - enough to make the patio slabs safe underfoot
through the winter. In the spring I'll do the job again a bit more thoroughly:
nevertheless, the slabs look so much brighter and less oppressive now - it makes a really
noticeable difference.
Must pull up those weeds peeking through too!
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